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Team Augmentation

Augment your in-house team to enhance it with industry specialists

InnovaLab supports businesses to enhance their in-house technical teams by adding the key skills and knowledge needed to stay competitive in today's market.

Organisations work with augmented teams for different reasons.

  • Costs & budgets

    Compared to recruiting new staff or managing an outsourced operation, there’s often money and time to be saved on using augmented teams. If you don’t initially have the funding to add a permanent member of staff, this can be a smart way of still accessing the same resource for a shorter time.

  • Resources

    Scaling staff numbers up and down can be a slow and difficult process. Recruiting is often resource-hungry, and shifting people out can take longer than the project itself. But by having augmented team members on demand, it is easier to manage the team size based on the current needs of the business.

  • Quality

    Team augmentation allows the business to hand-pick the best resources to contribute to the project, which can dramatically increase the quality of the work. Often the entire team can learn from having a fresh set of eyes to solve problems, as well as discover new processes and best practice.

  • Visibility

    By keeping the development in-house, communication with the business is often better and faster. It makes it easier for the team to keep stakeholders up to date with progress, which in turn enables them to address any challenges as they arise.

  • Alignment to business objectives

    Traditional outsourcing always carries the risk of misinterpretation of the business vision, ethos, or goals. Having a team that is firmly rooted in the organisation itself, and knows it well, can ensure that the project stays aligned to what the business wants to achieve.

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